Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Gwen D.

I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s large B-cell lymphoma in June 2016.  I was afraid – not only because I had cancer, but because the disease was very advanced.  I was introduced to Dr. Lum of OncoLogic Advisors and immediately felt relaxed and confident in him and his advice.  He knew just what to do and how to get it done.  He put me in touch with an oncologist specializing in my type of cancer and arranged for the testing and procedures I needed done in order to begin treatment as soon as possible.  Dr. Lum is not only extremely knowledgeable, but is kind, thorough and connected.  He made me completely comfortable in discussing all of my concerns and fears.  Having a point person to direct me at a time when my world was upside down was critical.  I would tell anyone diagnosed with cancer to seek the services of OncoLogic Advisors as soon as you have a diagnosis.  An OncoLogic doctor will help to ease your fears, get you the professional help you need, and monitor your progress every step of the way.

Christopher C.

My initial diagnosis of cancer was, of course, a stunning and baffling life experience. Dr. Lum immediately became my (and my wife’s) advocate and reminder that I was going to live, as well as being my director of “next steps.”

Anyone facing this situation knows how confusing those early days are of just digesting the difficult news, and then sorting through the treatment options.

Robert jumped in and eased my anxiety by breaking down the process for me of which appointments were most urgent and which ones I could wait on.  I knew I had to have Robert interpret my scans and give me the official diagnosis.

From this point on, Robert utilized every piece of late breaking information on my type of cancer, (and it should be noted that my type of cancer had been a confusing diagnosis to nail down for several expert oncologists throughout the country). From there, Robert made a treatment protocol that ultimately saved my life. He remained my voice of calm and reason through this process and encouraged me to stay strong and keep the faith that I would fully recover and enjoy life again to its fullest. I am thrilled to report that I have just passed my three year exam of being cancer free!

Sam M.

The Big “C”

May 2008: Regular physical exam, everything was excellent except for my PSA, which went up a full point from 4 to 5. My GP says “let’s have your urologist take a look.” Biopsy follows… And the call to say “you have prostate cancer.” In the time between biopsy and the call, I called Dr. Lum, an oncologist.

I am the the kind of person who is troubled when I don’t know what the situation is. So instead of waiting a long four day weekend not knowing, I went to a trusted source to get professional information and advice. Dr Lum patiently took me through the possibilities and explained the treatment alternatives and their +/-‘s.

“Cancer” can be terrifying and paralyzing. Good information and questions answered is calming and hopeful. So when I met with my urologist, I knew what questions to ask and could intelligently consider the options and make a good decision. I chose surgery.

A year later my PSA started up again, which led to 8 weeks of radiation and 4 years of no issues. But in 2013, my PSA showed up again, which led to the hormone treatments I have been on since then.

What is most important to me is that at every step of the way Dr Lum was my advisor and second opinion. Every test result was delivered to him as well. I always felt confident in my understanding of the medical jargon and numbers.

I have a wonderful urologist who takes great care of me here at home, but having a trusted resource to confirm any information and decisions is an invaluable asset.

Elizabeth T.

Unbelievably valuable! I had been muddling along unknowing, with a rare form of cancer undiagnosed and untreated, with no idea where to go or even what kind of specialist to seek out. Using the OncoLogic Advisor service made the world of difference for me. In no time I was receiving immediate attention from a top-notch team at Stanford University Hospital that had me biopsied, diagnosed, and treated within 24 hours! That’s concierge-style service. And when it’s your life at stake, nothing less will do.

I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Lum’s personal and focused attention to my case. When he was directing me to the leading specialists, providing an expert second opinion on test results and symptoms, or uncovering the latest (one-week old!) research on a new drug, I knew I was in the best possible hands. I enjoyed not only Dr. Lum’s vast expertise but also that of his deep bench of world-leading cancer experts. I had Dr. Lum “in my back pocket”, always available by phone, advising me on treatment options, evaluating their risks and benefits, while continuously encouraging me with an honest and realistic level of reassurance. Knowing that I had done everything I could to manage my cancer, there’s no better feeling. Thank you, OncoLogic Advisors.

Michelle T.

Dr Lum’s genuine passion to find the very best treatment options for his clients,coupled with his expert knowledge , is very hard to find in today’s medical world. With 40 years experience as a nurse, I say this with 100% conviction, I highly recommend his services.

Michael B.

After consulting with Dr. Robert Lum,

I was referred to a surgeon with training in a newly developed,  cutting-edge European procedure. The “standard of care” surgery used in the U. S. leaves facial scarring and carries a 10% risk of facial paralysis and a permanent drooping lip.

I was successfully treated by the surgeon recommended by Dr. Lum. I have no facial scarring, and there was no risk of facial nerve damage.

Thank you Dr. Lum!