Is your
Cancer Treatment Path
the very best for YOU?

Is your Cancer Treatment Path
the very best for YOU?

Have you been diagnosed with cancer?

Finding the BEST ANSWERS for YOUR cancer treatment just got easier!

Each cancer treatment provider usually has a bias toward their services and referrals that benefit them.  Unfortunately, this method may leave out the perfect answer to YOUR cancer treatment.

OncoLogic Advisors is one of the first nationwide centers providing cancer patients with unbiased, objective answers and direction for your cancer diagnosis and treatment path.

Our services connect you directly to our unbiased cancer specialists and provide you with a range of unique and helpful services.  These include a comprehensive review of your case, a second opinion on your diagnosis and treatment path. Then, our navigational services connect you with clinical trials, cancer specialists and cancer centers for the best match with your diagnosis.

3 Options to Uncover YOUR best, unbiased cancer treatment:

At the doctor's office

Receive an initial consultation by one of our oncology doctors

To better understand your case and your necessities, one of our oncologists will have an initial consultation with you. With this consultation, our oncologist will better assess your case and make recommendations to which of our services will best suit your needs. You are welcome to ask questions in this consultation about our services and how Oncologic Advisors can help you with your cancer treatment. To book an initial consultation, request a consultation through our Oncologic Liaison.

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Complete second opinion by unbiased oncology doctors

A second opinion provides you with firm knowledge that you have the correct diagnosis, and are on the most beneficial treatment path – for you. With this service, one of our oncologists reviews your case, including past tests and doctor recommendations, and offers an objective and comprehensive second opinion.  Our cancer second opinion service is better than one from a cancer center because we are not affiliated with any centers and we consider all options available in the United States.

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Cancer Treatment Navigation Service

This service goes a step ahead of our second opinion and connects you to clinical trials, and the best doctors and cancer centers in the United States. Our navigational services are geared to help you with the everyday cancer decisions. We do the research for you. With this service, we tell you where there are openings for key treatments. We also analyze particular doctors and recommend the ones with the highest successes with your particular cancer type. This day-to-day service gives you a peace of mind that you are receiving the best treatment and the best chances of success.

What makes us different?

OncoLogic Advisors are a group of dedicated oncologists providing navigational assistance to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer.  We ensure that our research is customized for each patient. We use our experience and expertise to find the top physicians for your particular type of cancer. Unlike other services, we are not connected to a particular cancer center and are not incentivized to choose a particular treatment or cancer center for our patients. We can also expedite multiple opinions to find the ideal treatment quickly tailored to your needs, either locally or nationwide. Patients often want a second opinion, but the current approach is sometimes not enough. 

Learn why Oncologic Advisors is better than a second opinion.

We research for you

We cast a wide net and do the analysis and research, enabling patients to make confident decisions about doctors, treatment centers, and methods of treatment.  We review the risks and benefits of each of those treatments—all while providing personalized support, education, and guidance through each decision point—from work-up and beyond.

Our approach is revolutionary

Based on the stage and cancer-type, our oncologists access the latest university-based research and identify treatment centers that are specific to a patient’s diagnosis–thereby offering the best possible options for patients to make truly educated decisions regarding their care.

One in two people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime…

It is estimated that up to one in five of those will be misdiagnosed or mistreated, which may result in increased chances for recurrence or sub-optimal treatment, leading to unnecessary side-effects and complications.

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