Cancer Treatment Navigation Service

Cancer Treatment Navigation Service

Fast & unbiased help with choosing the optimal treatment path for you!

When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, choosing the best treatment path for your individual situation can dramatically change your cancer outcome.  The problem for too many cancer patients is their doctors choose their treatment path for them.  Unfortunately, though, your doctor’s decision may have come from limited choices from their network and affiliations only.

We help you find the right cancer treatment path, clinical trials and cancer centers

This service goes a step ahead of our Second Opinion Service, one of our board-certified oncologists will develop a treatment plan for your case  and connect you to clinical trials, and the best doctors and cancer centers in the United States.

Our navigational services are geared to help you with the everyday cancer decisions. We do the research for you. With this service, we tell you where there are openings for key treatments. We also analyze particular doctors and recommend the ones with the highest successes with your particular cancer type. This day-to-day service gives you a peace of mind that you are receiving the best treatment and the best chances of success.

We offer navigational services in two tiers:

Tier 1:

This tier includes a second opinion and an optimum treatment plan for your case created by one of our oncologist.  With this tier, you will also have ongoing communication and consultation with your oncologist as you find doctors to implement the treatment plan within your health insurance network.

Tier 2:

This tier of navigation includes a second opinion, Tier 1 navigation, and connection to specialists/clinical trials.  An oncologist will find and interact with the best specialist and/or clinical trials for your type of cancer.  In addition, your oncologist is available for ongoing consultation before, during, and after your treatment to insure the best care available.

Cancer Treatment Navigational Services

Our navigational service for your cancer treatment is customized for your particular needs.  Not only can we help locate the perfect clinical trial, doctor or cancer center, we can also act as your liaison to facilitate the process for you.  Think of this as our concierge service where you tell us what you need (from questions answered to orchestrating a clinical trial connection), and we help you with the solution.