Virtual Navigational Services for Cancer Patients in the United States

September 2017
Media Contact: Alexia Chalita, Marketing Director, North America
Virtual Navigational Services for Cancer Patients in the United States

A virtual service that allows cancer patients to get fast second opinions and receive navigational services from board-certified oncologists through the comfort of their own home.  

Oxnard, CA. Cancer patients who need a second opinion, help finding a clinical trial, assistance choosing an optimal treatment plan, or need to have questions answered fast have a new readily available service. Oncologic Advisors has a wide-variety of services to help cancer patients, ranging from just diagnosed patients to a stage 4 cancer patient.  

Oncologic Advisors has a staff of board-certified oncologists ready to service second opinions, connect patients to clinical trials within the United States, provide patients with research to help them make educated decisions based on their treatment course, and answer any time-sensitive questions patients may have. Oncologic Advisors is designed to be time-effective and objective. What sets Oncologic Advisors apart is that they are not linked to any cancer center, making treatment decisions solely based on the patient’s best interest, and considering all treatment options within the country. Oncologic Advisor’s group of independent, board-certified oncologists understand that time is of the essence for cancer patients and have quick turn-around rates for second opinions and navigational services.

“Through my years of practice as a radiation oncologist, I’ve noticed the lack of guidance cancer patients have access to,” says Robert Lum, CEO and Founder of Oncologic Advisors. “When I created Oncologic Advisors, it was my priority to give cancer patients and their families ease of mind. Cancer patients and their families are already so overwhelmed with the everyday difficulties the disease brings that they often choose the first treatment option that is offered to them, without fully researching or understanding. In addition, when patients try to research clinical trials or other cancer treatments, there is so much information and controversy on the web that they are often misinformed or get discouraged. Since I know personally how much work and stress accompanies having a cancer diagnosis, we created Oncologic Advisors to help ease the mind of cancer patients so they can focus on getting better.”

Cancer patients looking to receive services from the board-certified oncologists at Oncologic Advisors, should request a consultation via the website: Our Oncologic Liaison will contact patients within a couple of hours and evaluate the patient’s case. From there, the Oncologic liaison will connect patients with one of our board-certified oncologists, who will then review a patient’s case and personally connect with them.

About Oncologic Advisors

Headquartered in Southern California, Oncologic Advisors works virtually to serve cancer patients across the United States and internationally. Oncologic Advisors offers navigational services to cancer patients: second opinions, connections to clinical trials, answering questions, and helping patients make important treatment decisions. Patients and their families feel more at ease by having an Oncologic Advisor holding their hand and answering their questions along the cancer journey. More at